About Us

  1. A) What is the Grace project

“The Grace Project” is a donation initiative which started in October 2015.  Our aim is to help people in financial need.  We are specifically assisting households where someone has lost their job or the finances don’t balance anymore due to reasons beyond their control.  The idea is to create a buffer and assist people financially for a maximum period of 12 months, whereafter we will assist someone else that may be in need.


It is intended that for the 12 month period the Grace Project will assist a donee with his/her bond repayments, school fees, car payments, municipal bill, etc up to a set maximum amount per month. This maximum amount will be determined after an inception financial due diligence assessment of the donee.  We do not expect the funds to be repaid to us by the donee at all.  Should the donee, or his/her family in need recover before the 12 month period we will stop assisting them and give a 30 day notice period.

As the “Grace Project” is a separate entity, we will not be held responsible as “donors” for any legal action taken against our “donees” or pending judgments against him/her.  We are merely helping out.  This creates grace, truth in people to reconsider their financial position creating a second chance without losing assets.  The world today is so focused on money that people are always forgotten and hurt in the rat race.  We also will not be involved in any legal processes paying creditors.


  1. B) We require partners

We can only assist more families if we have partners.

How can you get involved?  Simply contact us and we will give you the banking details to pay in R1500 per month.  We don’t require anything more than R1500 per partner.  We will however request your commitment for 12 months if possible as this will enable us in turn to keep our commitment to our donees.  This is not an obligation, merely an act of thankfulness and grace to people in need.  Grace VS Truth = Building people.  Please get onboard with us and be part of something big in making a real difference.

Please note that “the Grace Project” is not part of any religious group, merely 3 friends that decided it is time to make a difference. We will also assist any race or colour, as this initiative would be to help someone in need.  Our aim is to create and build people.

All payments made by our partners will be managed, and we will provide annual feedback on how money was spent. Our CFO is a registered Chartered Accountant, therefore rest assured that all donations received from our partners will be accounted for. All bank statements will be available at any given point to any partner to see exactly what is going on in the account.  We want a “Zero” balance at the end of each month.  The money must make a difference.  Any funds left will be paid to make a difference in another way.


If you want to get involved please contact us

Jacques Henrico (Chairperson) – jh@graceproject.co.za

Eddie Baird(CFO) – eb@graceproject.co.za

Malcolm Roods (Legal) – mr@graceproject.co.za



Please from our side the commitment and passion is there, assist us to create grace and change people’s lives.